Building outstanding leadership teams: assessment tool for charities

Leadership teams are critically important to charities. They can have a huge impact on the way their organisations work and the difference they make. Yet, until now little was known about these teams and what makes them effective. Building Outstanding Leadership Teams - a study from Compass Partnership and Cass Centre for Charity Effectiveness - starts to fill that gap. It details the workings of the leadership teams of the UK’s 500 larger charities and identifies the twenty key drivers of effective leadership teams.

The study also highlighted the lack of investment in charities’ leadership teams. CEOs and HR Directors rated performance on team development the lowest of all the components of an effective leadership team.

This assessment tool is designed to encourage CEOs and HR Directors to think about the effectiveness of their leadership team and how they invest in building and sustaining outstanding performance. Register here to complete the assessment and generate a report with feedback and suggestions.

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